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Rookie Girl Group "Primrose" confirmed comeback with 'Laffy Taffy' on August 18

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 26th July 2023

Primrose, reborn as a 4-member girl group, has confirmed the comeback date.

According to the agency AO ENTERTAINMENT on August 26th, Primrose, who has completed the reorganization of the 4-member group, will confirm their comeback with the new album 'Laffy Taffy' on August 18th and start leaping again as 'global super rookies'.

Primrose, which had previously debuted as a two-member girl group, has since lost member Ye-eum due to health problems, starting with existing members Ruby, Nahyeon from girl group Hot Issue, Rainie from bugAboo, and the last member, Ha-yun. After reorganization as a group, a new group was born.

Photo Credit: AO Entertainment
As Primrose members have made their names known to the public through their musical abilities and active activities in other groups, I am already looking forward to what kind of group identity they will build together as Primrose and what kind of musical spectrum they will meet with global fans. hot situation.

In particular, the new album 'Laffy Taffy' has a special meaning because it is the first album released by Primrose after the reorganization of the members. Accordingly, Primrose is determined to show sweet flirting through the harmonious synergy of the four members and a more expanded musical spectrum.

On the other hand, Primrose, who has met the public as the 'first two-member girl group of the 4th generation', is looking forward to what kind of creative music this time as a four-member girl group will hit the global fan heart and the first album of the new Primrose. 'Laffy Taffy' will be unveiled on August 18th.

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