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Girl group XG released their first mini-album pre-release song today

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 30th June 2023

Group XG has pre-released 'GRL GVNG', which will be included in their first mini-album after their debut.

XG (Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Julia, Maya, and Cocona) released the pre-released song 'GRL GVNG' (Girl Gang) at 0:00 on the 30th, raising expectations for their first mini-album to be released later.

​'GRL GVNG', which XG brought out as a pre-release song for their first mini-album, contains the identity of XG, a hip-hop R&B group that leads the trend. The message, We will stand at the top with our own style that does not compare or compromise with anyone', revealed the stronger identity of XG.

In particular, the intense siren sound reminiscent of the howling of the wolf, the mascot of the XG fan club ALPHAZ,

The edgy rapping and dreamy vocals of the members on top of the minimal trap beat harmonised with the vibrating synth bass sound that penetrated the song and captivated the ears of global fans.

From the visuals with such an overwhelming aura to the songs with rich sound, as XG's unique genre has captivated the eyes and ears, the first mini album to be released in the future is already raising expectations for the colourful appearance it will be filled with.

Through the pre-release song, XG is expected to reach the peak of its global rise beyond Asia to the United States. Starting with the release of 'GRL GVNG', which will be the starting point, XG's long journey to expand its influence is eagerly awaited. XG previously charted on the US representative radio chart 'Media Base Top 40' for 13 weeks in a row and was also on stage at the New York super-large music festival 'Head In The Clouds New York Music & Arts Festival,' building a unique presence in North America.

XG's first mini-album pre-release song, 'GRL GVNG' (Girl Gang), can be found on various music sites.


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