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Rookie girl group Queenz Eye has released a group concept photo for their comeback album 'UNI-Q'

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 28th June 2023

Rookie girl group Queenz Eye heated up the comeback fever with a more intense and extraordinary concept.

On the 28th, Queenz Eye (Wonchae, Hanna, Narin, Ayun, and Damin) released two versions of the group concept photo for their second single, 'UNI-Q' through the official SNS channel, announcing the return of the "Performance Queenz."

In the first version of the group concept photo released, Queenz Eye exudes a hip and chic charm with all-black styling. The intense eyes, and the free and unique mood, made it possible to feel the aura of 'performance queenz,' adding to the anticipation.

Photo provided by Big Mountain Entertainment

In the second version of the concept photo, Queenz Eye completed a sexy charm and urban atmosphere with suit styling. In particular, with different hairstyles and dreamy expressions, they showed off their first group concept photo and another charm arousing curiosity about the concept of the new album 'UNI-Q.'

Photo provided by Big Mountain Entertainment

As Queenz Eye has been preparing for 'UNI-Q' for about eight months since the release of their debut album 'QUEENZ TABLE,' this time around, the global K-pop fans are surprised by the concept and musical spectrum. Expectations are already fermenting and ready to be surprised.

In particular, since all members of Queenz Eye participated in choreography for their debut song 'Yummy Yummy,' 'UNI-Q' is also expected to target the global fan spirit with original and one-of-a-kind performances.

Meanwhile, Queenz Eye's second single, 'UNI-Q,' will be released on July 6 through various music sites.


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