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RESCENE unveils a surprise collaboration with Photoism to commemorate their 1st single album 'Re:Scene'

Updated: Apr 19

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 16th April 2024

RESCENE unveils a surprise collaboration with Photoism to commemorate their 1st single album 'Re:Scene'

Girl group RESCENE shares a photo frame of special memories with global fans.

On April 15, Rescene's entertainment agency announced, “To celebrate the launch of RESCENE's debut album ‘Re:Scene,' we are collaborating with the self-photo booth brand Photoism.”

The frame was released for fans to take a selfie with RESCENE members Woni (원이), Liv (리브), Minami (미나미), May (메이), and Zena (제나). Each of the members wore different coloured casual clothing, highlighting their charm and lovely individual personalities.

RESCENE X PHOTOISM COLLABORATION - Photo Credit : The Muse Entertainment

In particular, Liv (리브) has caught people's attention with a variety of poses, including ones resembling cats and foxes and charming chin rests. Among these poses, actions like hugging fans or forming a heart together are heighten fans' eagerness to collect them.

While RESCENE is expected to showcase unique memories through photo frames, the artist's frames can be captured at a Photoism Box from April 15 to the 21. It can also be found at Photoism stores in countries such as Korea, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Canada, Arab countries, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, and Thailand.

RESCENE burst onto the scene with their debut single "Re:Scene" on March 26, showcasing striking visuals and catching the industry's attention. "Re:Scene" ranks 10th among the first K-pop girl group debut albums of all time. The music videos for the title song 'UhUh' and the pre-released song 'YoYo' have collectively surpassed 11 million views.

RESCENE recently became the face of the American vegan fragrance brand 'Clean.' Showcasing the influence of a 'hot rookie' who has not only impressed the music industry but also made a mark in the advertising world since their debut is a testament to their versatile talents and ambition.

RESCENE continues to be active with the debut single "UhUh."


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Thank you THE MUSE ENTERTAINMENT for allowing TINYgMUSIC Productions to cover RESCENE's activities.

THE MUSE ENTERTAINMENT is a company created by executives who graduated from Berklee College of music, now leading the future of K-pop.


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