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"Unveiling the ITZY x G-SHOCK Collaboration: A Stylish Fusion of K-POP and Timekeeping Technology"

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 20th February 2024

Casio to Release G-SHOCK Collaboration Watches Featuring K-POP Girl Group, ITZY

Since ITZY's debut in February 2019, the girl group has enjoyed tremendous support from a global fan base, especially from teenage girls and women in their twenties.

In February 2023, Casio signed the group as G-SHOCK brand ambassadors due to the remarkable alignment between their powerful songs and performances and with the brand's core identity of toughness.

The first official collaboration between G-SHOCK and ITZY is for their new GMA-P2100IT and GMA-P2100ZY watches.

The watches are based on the GMA-P2100, a timepiece that showcases the distinctive octagonal bezel design of the 2100 line in a more compact form, reflecting ITZY's cool image with a subtle monochrome palette.

Products (from left): GMA-P2100IT-4A, GMA-P2100IT-7A, and GMA-P2100ZY-1A - Photo Credit: Casio (G-SHOCK)
Products (from left): GMA-P2100IT-4A, GMA-P2100IT-7A, and GMA-P2100ZY-1A - Photo Credit: Casio (G-SHOCK)

Offered in a selection of beige, pink, white, and translucent black options, the lineup simplifies fashion coordination. Multicolored accents, reminiscent of the official ITZY ring lights (popular fan merchandise associated with the group), embellish the index marks on the dial. ITZY logos are displayed on the dial and case back, and all printed signatures are included on the special packaging.

The bezel and band are made with bio-based resin* to help reduce environmental impact.


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