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Girl Group RESCENE follows BTS, SEVENTEEN, and Zerobaseone as official brand ambassadors for vegan brand ‘CLEAN’

Updated: Apr 11

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 10th April 2024

Rescene follows BTS, Seventeen, and Zerobaseone as the official brand ambassadors for vegan brand ‘Clean’

RESCENE (리센느), a 5-member South Korean girl group under THE MUZE Entertainment, has recently been announced as the official brand ambassadors of the vegan perfume brand ‘CLEAN.’

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for ‘CLEAN BEAUTY,’ as it’s the first time they’ve chosen a girl group as their official model. Previously, ‘CLEAN’ had worked with famous K-pop boy groups like BTS, Wanna One, Seventeen, Stray Kids, and Zerobaseone (ZB1).

The name “RESCENE” itself is intriguing, combing the concepts of “scene” and “scent”. This unique blend embodies the idea of “recalling the scene again” through fragrance. Just as a scent lingers in our memory, RESCENE aims to leave a lasting impression with their music.

Their debut album, “Re:Scene,” was officially released on March 26, 2024. The album features two tracks: the pre-release single “YoYo” and the title track “UhUh.” Since their debut, RESCENE has garnered tremendous love, ranking within the top 10 for first-week sales among K-pop girl group debut albums. Their captivating music and unrivalled scent promise to captivate fans worldwide.

Stay tuned for the upcoming pictorial featuring ‘CLEAN’ and RESCENE, set to be released later this month. It’s an exciting collaboration that bridges music and fragrance, and fans are eagerly anticipating the olfactory experience when these two worlds meet!


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Thank you THE MUSE ENTERTAINMENT for allowing TINYgMUSIC Productions to cover RESCENE's activities.

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