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K-pop Boy Band xikers and K-beauty NACIFIC Announce Body & Hair Brand Ambassador Collaboration

Updated: Mar 22

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 19th March 2024

K-pop boy group xikers are the new brand ambassadors for K-beauty brand NACIFIC

NACIFIC, the K-beauty brand today revealed a new product, the 'Black Seagrass Body Series,' announcing xikers as the new brand ambassadors for the hair and body care products.

NACIFIC will launch a photocard event starting on Friday, March 22, to celebrate the release of the new body care products and the selection of the boy group xikers as brand ambassadors.

The event will be held exclusively through NACIFIC's official online shops (Shopee, Amazon, Lazada, Walmart, etc.). A complimentary xikers photocard will be gifted with every purchase of the new products: Black Seagrass Body Series, Blackhead All-Kill Black Block, and Shower Ball Set.

K-pop boy group xikers new brand ambassadors for NACIFIC Black Seagrass Range

The newly launched NACIFIC Black Seagrass Body Series features key components derived from pristine deep-sea seaweed and contains 10,000 ppm of seawater, effectively nurturing and hydrating dry skin. Comprising Body Scrub Wash (250ml), Body Lotion (250ml), and Body Mist (80ml), the body care product line offers a comprehensive skincare solution.

Hyunjun Roh, CEO of NACIFIC, stated, "xikers were selected as our new models based on their diverse charm, freshness, and vibrant energy, which effectively resonate with the values of our brand, promoting healthy beauty. We believe their image will effectively convey the essence of the brand. With the launch of this xikers photocard event, we anticipate a range of exciting collaborations between xikers and NACIFIC, and sincerely request your continued interest and support."

Meanwhile, Xikers have received a warm reception following their successful comeback with their 3rd mini-album, "HOUSE OF TRICKY: Trial And Error," released on March 8, 2024.


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