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Rapper Lee Deun releases a new song 'drama'

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 27th June 2023

Rapper Lee Deun presents another new look through Local High Records.

Lee Deun announces the return of the all-round rapper by releasing the digital single 'Drama' through various music sites at noon on June 27, 2023.

​The digital single 'Drama' is a popular hip-hop-style song that anyone can easily listen to, with a melodic line that lingers deeply in the mind and emotional rap based on the band's sound.

In order to effectively express 'Drama', Lee Deun created a new tone of voice with a lot of effort and also poured a lot of effort into the lyrics to express the title of the song. In particular, verses 1 and 2 start with the same phrase, but the emotional line is different, so even if it is the same word, it is intended that listeners feel differently depending on the feelings of the person who is spitting it, raising expectations.

Lee Deun wrote 'Drama' based on his own experiences and emotions, so it is expected that listeners' immersion will be great.

Lee Deun, who previously expressed his musical values of 'not wanting to be limited to a genre' in a media interview, is expected to show his own colourful musical development through this 'drama', as well as to show that he is an 'all-rounder' rapper once again.

Photo Credit: LocalHigh Records

​Meanwhile, Lee Deun's 'Drama', which will present a new charm, will be released on various music sites at noon on the 27th.


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