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NINE.i’ make comeback with their new album "NEW MIND"

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 8th August 2023

NINE.i released their 3rd mini album "NEW MIND" on August 3, targeting the summer season with a refreshing track!

The music video for their title track "Turn it Off" represents the fully Unreal Engine-powered metaverse production in Korea, showcasing a spectacular realm that blurs the lines between virtual reality and the real world.

The title track "Turn it off" explores the concept of achieving a renewed mindset, akin to the innocence of children in paradise, by shutting down the metaphorical switch of our stress-burdened hearts. The track harmonizes a retro sound with a straightforward melody, resulting in an addictive tune that epitomizes NINE.i’s unique allure.

"Turn it off" represents a new wave of synth-pop, produced collaboratively by composer Sweetune and NINE.i. Sweetune’s popular tracks and melodies, combined with the refined musical style of Vahn, NINE.i’s main producer and composer, have come together to create a refreshing summer track.

VAHN - Photo Credit - First One Entertainment

In the run-up to their comeback, NINE.i has released a set of vibrant concept photos both in the On ver. and Off ver. heightening the anticipation of fans eager for their new music and performances.

The music video for "Turn it off" brings a virtual universe into reality. The filming of the music video was carried out entirely in a virtual studio. The realistic feel of the video was achieved by projecting 3D space onto an LED wall in Asia’s largest virtual studio, simultaneously capturing the artists and the background.

NINE.i Concept Photo - Photo Credit: First One Entertainment

While several idols such as SM Entertainment’s Aespa, NCT Dream, and NCT 127 have previously utilized XR augmented reality technology, NINE.i’s ‘Turn it off" MV is unusually accomplish a 100% implementation.

The music video, created in collaboration with Unreal Engine and VA Studio, Asia’s largest virtual studio, presents a fantastical realm that blurs the boundary between virtual reality and the real world. With outstanding visual effects and real-time composition, the video bolsters the song’s message.

Marking their comeback with a music video where reality and imagination coexist, NINE.i’s "Turn it off" also stands out for the music itself. Sweetune, known for contributing to the rise of K-POP Hallyu with Kara, Infinite, and SS501, has provided full support for this project. The result is a unique form of synth-pop, combining Sweetune’s popular track and melody with the refined musical sensibilities of NINE.i’s main producer and composer, Vahn.

From their debut album "NEW WORLD" to their second mini album "1 (Part. 1)," NINE.i has consistently embodied ‘NINE.i Pop’, reflecting the sincerity of each member. With "NEW MIND," they plan to present an enhanced musical narrative and showcase their elevated skills.

NINE.i’s new album "NEW MIND" is available across various music platforms and will captivate this summer.

NINE.i' is a 4th-generation idol group comprising of members, Jewon, Eden, Minjun, Vahn, Vari, Seowon, Taehun, Joohyoung, and Jiho pursue music of the 'Nine.i Pop' genre with a solid and unique world view and sensuous style that cannot be seen in existing idol groups.

"NEW MIND" comprises of six tracks;

Photo Credit: First One Entertainment

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