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Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 2nd May 2023

The one and only LE SSERAFIM are back with their first-ever studio album "UNFORGIVEN". Returning one day before their first anniversary as LE SSERAFIM (KIM CHAEWON, SAKURA, HUH YUNJIN, KAZUHA, and HONG EUNCHAE), "UNFORGIVEN" reflects LE SSERAFIM’s resolution not to back down in the face of standards set by others in paving their own path. Anticipation for the fearless act’s new album heightened ahead of the album release, as the album recorded another career high for the band of 1.38 million pre-orders.

Listen HERE Accompanied by guitar riffs that the legendary guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers himself played, the lead single “UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)” blends Hip-hop and Funk rhythm while conveying the message that no limits or boundaries that others drew will ever stop them from moving forward together. The track samples the main theme song from the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966).

As the leader KIM CHAEWON majestically stated during the media showcase that took place shortly ahead of the release, “UNFORGIVEN is our message to the world that we will together walk down the path we think is right, and we are not asking for forgiveness on the way from anyone in what we believe. LE SSERAFIM’s first studio album "UNFORGIVEN" includes seven brand new tracks along with the tracks from their last year’s two EPs, as all thirteen tracks organically connect with each other to explain the direction the group is headed. The act’s previous two EPs, "FEARLESS" which conveyed the act’s ambition to be the very best, and "ANTIFRAGILE", which depicted their determination to become stronger in the face of hardships, have already proved the group’s strength in telling stories that only LE SSERAFIM can tell.

Photo Credit : Source Music

The quintet also unveiled its cinematic music video for the lead single. Filmed in Thailand, the video portrays the mindset of the act for "UNFORGIVEN" through their strikingly synchronized choreography, each member’s spirited facial expressions, and sophisticated visual effects that instantly draw viewers’ attention to the five members’ confident attitude.



LE SSERAFIM, consisting of members KIM CHAEWON, SAKURA, HUH YUNJIN, KAZUHA, and HONG EUNCHAE, are the first girl group launched by Source Music under HYBE. The act made their debut with their 1st EP "FEARLESS" on May 2, 2022, and are making their way to the summit of K-pop as the new queens. "FEARLESS" debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in a total of 13 countries including Japan, Indonesia, and more. As its name—an anagram of ‘IM FEARLESS’—implies, LE SSERAFIM is determined to move forward with unswerving fearlessness in the eyes of the world. The group released their 2nd EP "ANTIFRAGILE" on October 17, 2022, and made their first entry on Billboard 200 at No. 14. LE SSERAFIM returned with their highly-anticipated 1st studio album "UNFORGIVEN" on May 1, and set a career milestone again, reaching no.6 on Billboard 200.


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