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LOONA mesmerizes their fans with the grande finale of "LOONATHEWORLD" IN SEOUL concert.

Updated: Feb 20

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 17th October 2022

LOONA, the record-breaking moon girls of K-pop, mesmerized their fans all over the world once again with their [LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL concert.

[LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL, the show that marked the grand finale of the group’s first world tour, was held from October 15th to October 16th at the SK Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea.

The groups’ entrance from the crowd at the beginning of the concert was a “welcomed surprise” for their fans, as Orbit (LOONA’s fandom) was able to directly interact with the girls from the start. The rest of the show continued to deliver unforgettable stages for both days. From each member performing their long-awaited solo stage to a sentimental encore with “Universe” and “Playback”, LOONA painted [LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL with their endless charms, unmatchable performances, and love for Orbit.

[LOONATHEWORLD] IN SEOUL was also brought to Orbit all around the world through its live-streaming with MyMusicTaste for both days of the show.

Photo Credit - Twitter

About LOONA:

From their unique debut with staggered member reveals over the span of two years starting in 2016 to their official musical release of the song “Hi High” in August of 2018, LOONA has embraced the mysterious and lore-driven concept of their group to become a name that represents the core of K-pop: performance, production, and addictive melodies. LOONA’s twelve members: HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, ViVi, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye create the blended mix of charms, talents, and personalities that brought catchy pop tunes like “Butterfly” to the top of the Billboard charts. Their 2020 releases of “So What” and “Why Not” continued their ranking on international music charts, making them a staple recommended K-pop group on multiple social media networks. They’ve stacked up achievements like their 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards win for Best Korean Act and their 2021 placement as having one of the most requested songs on radio shows. Their latest music video, “Flip That” has already garnered over 35 million views to date. The title track over their mini album of the same name also dominated the iTunes Top Albums charts with No.1s in 31 regions. Following the American and European leg of [LOONATHEWORLD], LOONA returned to Korea with [LOONATHEWORLD] in SEOUL and announced the grand finale of their first world tour.

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PR Source: MyMusicTaste

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