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FrontRow launches K-pop global ticketing platform ‘Konne Ticket’ focusing on European market

Updated: Jun 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 5th June 2024

FrontRow launches K-pop global ticketing platform ‘Konne Ticket’ focusing on European market

FrontRow is rapidly emerging by partnering with domestic K-pop labels to introduce cutting-edge entertainment.

On June 5, FrontRow announced the launch of its first global K-pop performance ticketing platform, ‘Konne Ticket.' Utilising its expertise in the global transmission of European K-pop performances and VOD services, FrontRow intends to introduce the ticketing platform 'Konne Ticket' to promote fan engagement through diverse events and interactive services.

FrontRow has the expertise to manage performances and productions in the UK. The company conducts business based on its experience in performance planning, content distribution, public relations, and promoting music on European charts. In the pandemic era, online performances by over 200 K-pop artists have been conducted through collaborations with various streaming platforms. Through collaboration with global broadcasting platforms such as LIVEX and Sessions, it is accelerating the European market by achieving 20 million cumulative broadcast exposures and a community of 300,000 people in Europe.

CEO Hyerim Lee stated that as the influence of the forefront in the K-pop industry that excites people worldwide in Europe is expanding, the company will enhance the European customised performance business and enhance the performance environment for domestic production companies and labels to offer performances for artists preparing to perform in Europe.

According to the "2022 Global Status of Korean Wave" recently published by the Korea Foundation (KF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the enthusiasm for K-pop is spreading worldwide. Interestingly, Europe emerged as the region with the most significant growth in Korean Wave fandom last year.

Based on the performances confirmed this year and partnerships secured, FrontRow plans to expand its business model more aggressively. We plan to significantly increase the number of 'Konne Ticket' performances every month and accelerate promotion by establishing an offline sales network. In addition, following the K-pop craze, we will focus on entering Europe through well-executed performances by internationally acclaimed artists.

Meanwhile, Konne Ticket,' set to launch this month, aims to establish outlets for its own shows and European performances. The company plans to attract new members by progressively introducing K-pop, K-Music, classical music, and festivals in Europe.




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