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"Unveiling Seon's Solo Debut: 'Renaissance Theater' - A New Era in K-pop"

Updated: Apr 2

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 2nd April 2024


SEON (세온) from Mnet's 'I-LAND' sends out the first signal.

Seon released his debut album, "Renaissance: Theater," through various music sites at noon on April 2, showcasing his artistic skills beyond visuals.

"Renaissance: Theater" features a total of three songs, including the title track "H.M.M (Hold Me More)," "LALALA," and "24." Through the "Renaissance: Theater," Seon participated in writing and composing all the songs expressing the golden age of his artistry, creating a warm atmosphere and evoking emotions.

The title song, "H.M.M (Hold Me More)," belongs to the future bass genre with a soft mainstream sensibility, while "LALALA" infuses the emotion of 'love' into a dreamy pluck sound. "24" is a song that expresses one's feelings and aspirations for another person through a captivating guitar melody.

"Renaissance" refers to the period when various cultural styles were combined to create the golden age of art. Seon's music also represents a genre called 'Seon,' which blends various influences and does not fit into any specific genre.

In collaboration with Canadian fashion magazine FLANELLE magazine, a paradise-themed visual was presented. With the release of "Renaissance: Theater," which chronicles Seon's journey from the survival audition program "I-Land" to becoming an artist who can vividly convey the colours he wants to express, making Seon the first Korean male singer to achieve this.

Seon, who excels in visuals, vocals, dance, and composition, releases "Renaissance : Theater" at noon on April 2 and debut as a solo artist.



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Thank you XX ENTERTAINMENT for allowing TINYgMUSIC Productions to cover Seon's debut.

XX ENTERTAINMENT is an entertainment company with various content and celebrity management and the best production technology with production and production know-how accumulated for more than 10 years with the goal of advancing and globalizing the entertainment industry.


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