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Rookie K-pop girl group Mimiirose has made a comeback with their new single ‘Flirting’

Updated: Feb 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 14th September 2023


Rookie girl group MIMIIROSE (미미로즈) returns after a year with their first comeback.

MIMIIROSE (Choi Yeonjae, In Hyori, Han Yewon, Yoon Jia, and Seo Yunju) released their 2nd single album titled 'LIVE' through multiple music sites at 6 PM on September 14. The new visuals and single was different music from their previous work 'AWESOME.'

Their comeback single 'LIVE' means 'we are alive,' if read the other way around, it means 'EVIL.' The album showcases MIMIIROSE's strong will to make a comeback with a perfect appearance with a harsh heart.

As there was about a year of preparation, 'LIVE' gives a glimpse of the five members' strong personalities, visuals, and original musicality. The album contains a total of three tracks and includes the title songs 'Flirting' and 'A-OK'. ), and 'TIPSY' (Tipsy).

The title song 'Flirting' is a reggae-based moombahton pop dance song that sings about original and true love beyond the realistic flirting that can be said to be the love method of the MZ generation. The unique and simple composition and groovy reggaeton vocals are refreshing. It is expected to come as a shock.

The best K-pop choreography team 'Freemind' participated in the 'Flirting' performance, visually expressing the theme of 'Flirting.' Here, you can see the beauty and strength of MIMIIROSE through the music video, which highlights the characters of each member and features cinematic elements.

MIMIIROSE's 2nd single 'LIVE,' is aimed at new global fans and will be released at 6 PM on September 14. The stage for the new song 'Flirting' will be revealed for the first time through Mnet's 'M Countdown', which will be broadcast that day.


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