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Top Korean Streamer KOCOWA+ partners with global entertainment lifestyle platform company HYBE, to bring fans content from global phenoms BTS and SEVENTEEN

Updated: May 7

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 6th May 2024

SEVENTEEN - ODE TO YOU - Photo Credit: Kocowa+

Fans can enjoy various shows from iconic global groups such as IN THE SOOP, NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN, and more starting in May

As the home of the largest library of Korean content outside of Korea and over 10,000 hours of K-pop content for its fans, including live K-pop performances, behind-the-scenes, and artist-centred dramas, variety, and reality shows, KOCOWA+ has expanded its offerings to K-pop fans by partnering with HYBE. KOCOWA+ will bring 18 new shows to their platform, including global megastars like BTS and SEVENTEEN, beginning in May. Now viewers can watch all and their favourite artists, like BLACKPINK, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, NEW JEANS, aespa, BTS, SEVENTEEN, and more, on KOCOWA+.

"As the ultimate destination for Korean Entertainment, K-pop content is an extremely important part of our offerings to our passionate audience. Partnering with legendary HYBE and adding SEVENTEEN and more BTS content to our slate is a natural fit. We are thrilled to be bringing more world-class entertainment to our fans!" KunHee Park CEO/CPO.

To celebrate this partnership and SEVENTEEN's recent comeback, KOCOWA+ is adding 6 fan favourite shows featuring the band beginning in May! Shows will include their latest travel show called "NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN," shows featuring their iconic stage performances like "SEVENTEEN 'Ode To You' in Seoul," "IN THE SOOP SEVENTEEN" a reality series that follows the band on an R&R trip in the 'soop' (meaning 'forest' in Korean).

They also have "SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND," which features the band meeting their adoring fan group CARATs, and live performances.

SEVENTEEN - ODE TO YOU - Photo Credit: Kocowa+
SEVENTEEN - ODE TO YOU - Photo Credit: Kocowa+

These will be the first shows from HYBE to debut on KOCOWA+, followed by 12 additional shows featuring 21st-century pop icons BTS. From movies to iconic performances to docuseries shot around the world, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in every detail of their artists' lives.

HYBE We Believe In Music - Photo Credit: Hybe
HYBE We Believe In Music - Photo Credit: Hybe

About HYBE:

HYBE Corp. (HYBE), rebranded from Big Hit Entertainment in March 2021, is a global entertainment lifestyle platform company that seeks boundless expansion in order to innovate the music industry. Ever since, HYBE has been expanding its multi-label system including BIGHIT MUSIC, BELIFT LAB, SOURCE MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, KOZ ENTERTAINMENT, ADOR, HYBE LABELS JAPAN, NAECO, while HYBE AMERICA also manages its affiliate labels including Big Machine Label Group and Quality Control. In addition to the label business, HYBE established an integrated structure with its solution business that creates concert, video content, game, original story and retail, as well as a platform business through Weverse, a global fandom platform. Composed of its global offices based in Korea, Japan, the US, and Mexico, the company works towards bringing innovative change throughout the global music industry. For more information, please visit

KOKOWA+ Photo Credit: KOCOWA+
KOKOWA+ Photo Credit: KOCOWA+

About wA and KOCOWA+:

wA is a global joint company between wavve, SK Square Americas, and the top Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, & SBS. wA launched KOCOWA+, a subscription video streaming platform in the Americas, in 2017, with primary audiences in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, EU, UK, and Oceaia. KOCOWA+ provides a robust lineup of over 50,000 hours of Korean Dramas, Movies, Reality, and K-Pop content in multiple languages on its direct platform. For more information, please visit


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