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South Korean Rock Group Xdinary Heroes Release New Single "Boy Comics" Today

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 3rd June 2024

Today, Xdinary Heroes, the South Korean rock band under JYP Entertainment's sub-label STUDIO J, have released their latest single “Boy Comics” across all streaming platforms. The hard-hitting anthem continues to showcase the group’s alt-rock prowess, providing heavy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and prolific lyrics.  The track marks the first of what will be several new releases the group plans to put out through the fall of this year. 

“Boy Comics” comes on the heels of the group’s recently released debut full-length album, Troubleshooting, which released last April to rave reviews, with the likes of Clash praising the album as not only “ambitious,” and “deeply personal,” but also, “so much more expansive, more assured technically, and on tracks like ‘UNDEFINED’ and ‘Money On My Mind’, more spandex-and-stacks ballsy than ever.” 


About Xdinary Heroes

Hailing from South Korea, Xdinary Heroes burst onto the global music scene in December 2021 through JYP Entertainment. Their infectious, heavy-hitting debut single, “Happy Death Day,” garnered the group critical buzz, entering Billboard’s World Digital Sales Chart at No. 12. That effort was followed by a slew of critically praised EP releases in 2022 and 2023 including Hello, world!, Overload, and Deadlock. Overload, which released in November 2022, entered Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart at No.19, and Billboard’s World Albums Chart at No. 14 upon its release.


In October 2023, Xdinary Heroes released their fourth EP, Livelock, which was praised amongst the group’s fan community for its driving energy, and thicker, more rocking sound. The EP depicts the band’s growth as artists while navigating the transition between the real world and “♭form,” a concept term that represents the groups on-stage alter-ego, where they transform into heroes. Livelock takes its name from the computer programming term “infinite repetition,” which follows the other IT-themed names of the group’s previous three releases. The collective result represents a cohesive spectrum of sound carried across all of the group’s releases to date, each linked together not only by their ability to engage listeners with intriguing storytelling and personas, but also explosive instrumental capabilities and a distinctive musical identity.  

The name Xdinary Heroes is an abbreviation of “Extra-ordinary Heroes,” through which the group hopes to uplift fans and show that “anyone can become a hero.” That message has resonated with listeners worldwide who have embraced the group for their extraordinary music and unique concepts, perhaps setting the stage for them to be Gen Z’s next global sensation. Xdinary Heroes is Gun-il (drums), Jungsu (keyboards), Gaon (guitarist and rapper), (keyboards, synths and rapper), Jun Han (guitarist), and Jooyeon (vocals and bass). 


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