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Singer-songwriter Yemin releases new album titled 'L's Birthday'

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 15th June 2023

Singer-songwriter Yemin whispers the sweet and bitter moments of love.

Yemin's new album 'L's Birthday' will be released on various music sites at noon on June 15.

The album name 'L's Birthday' means 'L(ove)'s Birthday' (Love Is Birthday) and contains everything from the sweetest moment of love to the bittersweet moment.

'This album contains a total of three songs, including the title song 'Love is So,' 'Tight,' and 'Say (feat. BINN)'. The title song 'Love is So' depicts a story that compares love to a headache, and through this song, you can feel the love that came without notice and started to settle in your heart.

The b-side songs 'Tight' and 'Say (feat.BINN)' also sing about the story of love, and 'Tight' contains the desire to savour the most dizzying and tense moment of love for a long time. 'Say (feat. BINN)' is expected to show the most bitter part of love, the moment right before it ends, with Yemin's own sensibility.

From the title song 'Love is So' to the b-side tracks, Yemin participated in writing and composing the lyrics to add a dreamy sensibility, and Yemin's meticulous vocals are also combined to boast high-quality music.

Photo Credit: LocalHigh Records

​Meanwhile, Yemin's new album 'L's Birthday', including the title song 'Love is So', will be released on various music sites at noon on the 15th.


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