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R&B singer-songwriter Ocean from the Blue is holding his first European tour.

Updated: Feb 20

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 14th June 2023

Ocean From The Blue is going on his first European tour!

Photo Credit : Warner Music Koreaa

Ocean From the Blue announced the schedule for his first European tour, 'WAY TO BLUE TOUR IN EUROPE 2023' through his official SNS channel, telling us of the planned full-scale global activities.

According to the published schedule, Ocean From The Blue will start on September 5 in Munich, Germany, then move on to Milan, Italy, Vienna, Austria, Warsaw, Poland, Berlin, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hamburg, Germany, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, England, and Cologne, Germany. The concert will be held in 14 cities across 11 countries until September 29, including Paris, France, Zurich, Switzerland, and finishing the tour in Madrid, Spain.

Photo Credit : Warner Music Korea

Ocean From The Blue has previously performed at 'Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival,' 'EBS Space Gonggam Exclusive Live,' 'Naver Cultural Foundation ON STAGE,' 'MU:CON,' 'Melon TrackZero,' etc., and as a result of these appearances, he is growing into an indispensable musician in Korean R&B and alternative K-pop, so his upcoming performances on his European tour is also gaining great expectations.

In particular, bands such as 87dance bassist Choi Jun-young, Yangbans keyboardist Lee Ji-hoon, and Baek Ye-rin band percussionist Han Min-young, who are active in the local indie scene, are with Ocean From The Blue and always give the best performances to the audience. The synergy between them all for the European tour is expected to be a highlight and talking point.

This European tour is said to have been finalised through top agent Christopher Smyth, who is reponsible for the overseas expansion of The Rose, BI, and Jay Park. There is a growing interest in his activities.

Photo Credit : Warner Music Korea

Ocean From The Blue is scheduled to carry out his first European tour in earnest, starting with Munich, Germany, on September 5, and is scheduled also to appear in the 'Smile, Love, Weekend' festival in Korea.


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All photos and videos are credited to Warner Music Korea and Nostalgia Music.

Warner Music Korea is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group and serves as a distributor, record label, and helps manage artists and their promotions.

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