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Hip-hop artist, PYMEL, is set to release his new digital track.

Updated: Feb 20

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 14th June 2023

On July 14, at noon, PYMEL, the hottest hip-hop artist will release his new digital single 'It's like this' through various music sites.

'It's like this' is PYMEL's new song, who is growing step by step, and you can feel the color of PYMEL's music once again, which directly expresses the pain of past love.

PYMEL, who drew a lot of attention with his first full album 'Sixth Sense' and the song 'Reminiscence' co-produced with Lee Young-ji, and released 'Stain' on the 14th of May and showed us why he is the hottest artist in the hip-hop scene.

Following 'Stain', this new song 'It's like this' also features PYMEL's participation in writing and composing the lyrics, so you can get a glimpse of his full sensibility.

Photo Credit : Local High Records

​The new digital single 'It's like this' will be released by Local High Records at noon on July 14 and will be released on various music sites. It is expected this time, listeners will feel the sensuous mood.

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