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UPDATED - SB19 Joins Forces with Black Eyed Peas’ icon APL.DE.AP for new single "READY"

Updated: Jun 4

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 31st May 2024

Kings of P-Pop, SB19, and Black Eyed Peas icon APL.DE.AP collaborate on, “Ready,” which is out on all global streaming platforms via Sony Music Philippines. The five-member group has amassed a die-hard following worldwide, with hit singles such as “GENTO” receiving over 20 million streams collectively, ruling the P-Pop music scene well into 2024 with their PAGTATAG! World Tour.


The latest single is an electrifying blend of the group’s incredible vocals and groovy beats. The phenomenal energy brings feelings of anticipation and excitement inviting listeners to join in to celebrate the essence of living in the moment and cherishing unforgettable experiences. “Ready” showcases SB19’s ability to blend their lyrics with an irresistible beat, in which they collaborated with APL.DE.AP, to create a song that resonates all over the world and kindles the readiness for what the night may bring.

The song was produced by the one and only Keith Harris with SB19’s very own Pablo and Josue (Radkidz) contributing. Keith Harris has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and the Black Eyed Peas. APL.DE.AP is co-founder of the iconic six-time Grammy award winning group, Black Eyed Peas. APL has continued to produce and redefine the definition of pop with references and samples from around the world. Working with the likes of Shakira, J-Balvin, to James Brown, and Q-Tip, APL believes that P-Pop is next and ready to take on the global stage.


The release represents a continuation of collaborations for APL.DE.AP and his side quests. He had previously worked with Sandara Park and Keith Harris to release “2 PROUD.” The video was beautifully shot by director Ben Mor. APL had also collaborated with his old friend Prince Yah and A.L. to release “LEGEND,” produced by !llmind as their ode to 50 years of hip-hop.


'READY' artwork - International music sensations poised to take over the night in new collaboration
'READY' artwork - International music sensations poised to take over the night in new collaboration - Photo Credit: Sony Music Philippines

Gaining much popularity and increasing their fanbase each release, SB19 continues to redefine standards with their incomparable talents and constant dedication. Since the formation of this Filipino boy band in 2018, the band has been one of the industry’s top-tier groups and have captivated audiences both locally and internationally over the past few years. The group began to achieve high success with their “GENTO” breaking the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. The music video for the song received about 40 million views on YouTube to date and has gained attention for many Korean Pop groups creating viral challenges for the song. They became known as the face of “Pinoy Pop” and are the leading acts in the Philippines.

In 2023, SB19 broke the record set by K-pop icons BTS for longest reign at number one on the Billboard Trending Songs chart with their hit song “Bazinga” and it stayed on top for seven consecutive weeks, surpassing BTS’s single “Butter.” Their biggest global milestone includes being nominated at the Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist and are the first Southeast Asian act to enter the top 10 of Billboard’s Social 50 charts. Furthermore, as trailblazers of the P-Pop movement won the Billboard 2023 Fan Army Face-Off challenge that became their most recent milestone.



SB19 is a multi-awarded five-member boy group from the Philippines. The group is composed of Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin and debuted in October 2018 with their single ‘Tilaluha.’ They gained popularity with their second single ‘Go Up’. Since their debut, SB19 has amassed fans (A’TIN) across the globe and was recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as the Philippine’s Youth Ambassadors. The “SB” in SB19 stands for “Sound Break,” which represents their aspirations of disrupting the music scene and bringing Filipino music and culture into the international spotlight.

SB19 broke into the global spotlight as the first Southeast Asian and Filipino act to be nominated in the Billboard Music Awards as Top Social Artist in 2021. They are also the first Filipino act to land on the international Billboard Social 50 and Next Big Sound Charts. Their latest single, “GENTO” debuted at No, 8 on the Billboard World Digital Charts, ahead of the release of their upcoming EP, “PAGTATAG!”

SB19 is self-managed by 1Z Entertainment, a company built and managed by the members of SB19.


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