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MINUE's 'SCREAM': The Comeback We've Been Waiting For

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 4th January 2024


Actor and musician MINUE (민우) is making a comeback after a hiatus of three years and two months.

MINUE will release his new song 'SCREAM' through various online music sites today at 6 p.m. (KST), January 4. 'SCREAM' has already received attention even before its release, as it is MINUE's first song released under Warner Music Korea.

'SCREAM' is an electronic genre track characterised by a sound that combines classic harmony and electronic music. 

Through 'SCREAM,' MINUE expresses the duality of future society with classic elements that contrast with grotesque electronic sounds. To achieve this, he created each sound himself and his unique sensibility. In particular, it is more meaningful that it is the first song to announce that MINUE surprised everyone by saying he was joining Warner Music Korea and expanding his scope as a DJ and producer.

MINUE - 'SCREAM' Photo Credit: Warner Music Korea

MINUE debuted as a member of the band TraxX in 2004. He began his solo career with his first EP, 'Story of Wine,' in 2009. He showcased his sensual composition skills with songs like 'October' and 'I Love You.' In 2019, he gained widespread attention after appearing on MBC's 'King of Mask Singer' and performing his own version of BTS' 'FAKE LOVE.' In 2020, he formed the band The Midnight Romance and continued his career as a musician.

According to Warner Music Korea, MINUE expects to be active in 2024 by preparing various stages and albums, starting with the release of 'SCREAM.'


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