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TRENDZ celebrates their 2nd anniversary with a special single ‘Go Up’

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 3rd January 2024


TRENDZ will embark on a new chapter, beginning with its second anniversary in 2024.

TRENDZ, celebrating their second debut anniversary later this month, is making a comeback with a winter special single titled 'Go Up' on January 11. TRENDZ has made several changes for the new winter season single, predicting a narrative that will develop in the future.

The members' sense of challenge is revealed in the winter special single 'Go Up.' Leon, the lead dancer in the group, created the choreography for 'Go Up.' Members Havit, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunil, and Yechan contributed to the production process by solidifying the concept and participating in costume design.

TRENDZ's ambition to reach new heights is evident in the synergy between producer Brave Brothers and TRENDZ in the single 'Go Up.' In particular, 'Go Up' falls into the tropical house genre, and TRENDZ plans to present a refreshing concept that resonates with the winter sensibility of its fans.

TRENDZ, who will be celebrating their second debut anniversary, has gained popularity by releasing two mini albums and three single albums. They concluded their 'BLUE SET' chapter last year. The third single album, 'STILL ON MY WAY,' received an overwhelming initial response and achieved strong overseas sales, further solidifying their status as 'global idols.' They performed at prestigious venues such as Yale University in the US and 'FOX 13 Seattle' on the US 'FOX' broadcast station.

TRENDZ is poised to bring change and growth in 2024, releasing their winter special single 'Go Up' on January 11, and is expected to have a busy schedule during their first world tour.


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