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MINUE to make a comeback with new song under exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea

Updated: Jan 25

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 29th December 2023

MINUE -  'SCREAM' is the first music release under Warner Music Korea

Actor and musician MINUE (민우) will make a comeback on January 4 under his new agency, Warner Music Korea.

On December 29, Warner Music Korea announced, "We have signed an exclusive contract with MINUE." We plan to fully support all future activities. Please show a lot of interest in the new single ‘SCREAM,' which will be released at 6 p.m. on January 4.”

'SCREAM' is his first track with Warner Music Korea, following the release of 'I Don't Want To Live Without You,' released in November 2020, three years and two months ago, with his former band. The Midnight Romance.

'SCREAM' is a song that showcases MINUE's determination to introduce a new persona as a DJ and producer. Through this single, he presents a sound that blends classical harmony with electronic music.

MINUE has been involved in various activities, including acting, musicals, and bands. MINUE, who debuted as a member of the band TraxX in 2004 under SM Entertainment, garnered attention for his outstanding visuals and drumming abilities.

He then began his solo career with the release of his first EP, 'Story of Wine,' in 2009. He showcased his sensual composition skills with the release of songs like 'October' and 'I Love You.' In 2019, he gained widespread attention after appearing on MBC's 'King of Mask Singer' and performing his own version of BTS' 'FAKE LOVE.'

As an actor, he has appeared in a variety of dramas and movies across different genres, including 'Pasta,' 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,' 'Partners for Justice 2,' and 'Roaring Currents.' He further enhanced the immersion by personally singing the original soundtracks for the works in which he appeared.

In addition, he hosted exclusive fan meetings and concerts in both Korea and Japan, solidifying his status as a Hallyu star across the archipelago.

Prior to the release of the new song, MINUE is building anticipation by sharing teasing content through his official SNS channel. MINUE, who announced a new appearance at the same time as the countdown, will make a comeback for fans on January 4.


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