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Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 7th October 2022

South Korean-New York-based designer, Jinsol Woo, releases his debut music video “Internet Love” on all streaming platforms today.

“Internet Love” uses the elements of a distorted alternative backtrack with traditional R&B lyrics to give the track a smooth indie feeling. The music video gives glimpses of a lovesick story and a traditional feel of relationship nostalgia through the old-school visuals.

Dedicated to building an empire of his brand, Jinsol wants to create a legacy for himself. In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, Jinsol had these words to say about his brand, “I want to create through the means of exploration, curiosity, compulsion, liberation, vitality, and even shame... I have plans to release clothing, more jewelry collections, and music. I want OHT to be a design empire that creates many things under one strong vision. The plan is to continue creation endlessly.”

Photo Credit - Jinsol

“Internet Love” shows a new side of artistry from Jinsol and serves as the prelude to his upcoming EP due to come out early next year.


About Jinsol Woo:

Jinsol Woo is a New York-based fashion designer and musician. Backed by artists such as AESPA, Stray Kids, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and more from his brand OHTNYC, Jinsol heads on his next journey as a musician. As of right now, Jinsol Woo and his powerhouse brand are on the track to becoming a household name and a great example of how you can build yourself from the ground up.

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