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K-Pop Sensation Weeekly Releases Highly Anticipated Single 'Stranger' in Korean and English

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 16th January 2024


K-pop girl group sensation, Weeekly announced their latest digital single, titled, 'Stranger,' is being released on January 25th in both Korean and English. The song comes as the chart-topping group continues to increase its fanbase with over one million listeners on Spotify and an equally large Instagram following. With a unique sense of style and delightful personalities, Weeekly has critics calling them the most electrifying female act since BLACKPINK.

Since their 2020 debut with the EP titled "We are," the six members of Weeekly - Lee Soojin, Monday, Park Soeun, Lee Jaehee, Jihan, and Zoa - have enthralled audiences with their distinct charm and youthful spirit, that speaks to their artistry as relatable teenage girls. 'Stranger,' aims to transcend linguistic barriers, captivating listeners across the globe with its emotional acoustic guitar sound and warm atmosphere while evoking the images of a cold winter.

The song beautifully captures the growing pains of Weeekly as they continue to pursue their dreams, showcasing their journey thus far and the setbacks and pain which they have overcome, thanks to the endless support and love from their fans. Having been first unveiled as a surprise encore during the Weeekly University fan meeting in January, the single received great feedback from fans.

"We're beyond excited to share this single with Weeekly's fans all over the world," said the group's management IST Entertainment, "This release is a big part of expanding the popularity of the group globally and introducing them to a wider American audience."

Known for their infectious energy, distinctive style, and immense talent, Weeekly has become a household name in the K-pop sphere and are looking to build an American audience with the release of this newest single.

The upcoming track showcases Weeekly's artistic evolution, offering a fresh sound that incorporates their signature personalities that fans have come to adore. Forbes Magazine recently stated, "With each new project they release, South Korean girl group Weeekly rise to new heights on the charts." The group has been diligently working on this project to present a musical journey that reflects their growth and artistry.

As anticipation continues to build, Weeekly invites fans to join the excitement by following their official social media channels for exclusive teasers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates leading up to the single's release. Exciting things are underway for Weeekly with plans for a U.S. tour happening this year. Weeekly's new digital single 'Stranger' will be available on various music streaming platforms beginning January 25th.


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