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In My Heart" OST by Bumjin for "Welcome to Samdal-ri" released today

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 30th December 2023

In My Heart OST by Bumjin from Korean Drama Welcome to Samdal-ri release

Singer-songwriter Bumjin (범진) releases the OST for the drama ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri.’

Bumjin will release JTBC's 'Welcome to Samdal-ri' OST Part. 5 'In My Heart' at 6 PM on December 30, enhancing the romantic feel of the drama.

'In My Heart' is a song that combines a calm accompaniment with Bumjin's deep voice, and the lyrics, which recall exciting moments, create a lyrical mood in the drama and leave a deep impression.

In addition, 'In My Heart' is a collaboration between Gaemi (개미), the music director responsible for the music of 'Welcome to Samdal-ri,' and hit composer Midnight, who showed good chemistry in 'When the Camellia Blooms' and 'The World of the Married.' A well-made OST created that adds immersion to the narrative of the drama.

Bumjin has become a comeback legend by sweeping a number of music charts with the popular song 'A Letter.'  Furthermore, within a mere second of its opening, all tickets for his special Christmas show were sold out, solidifying his status as a well-liked musician and motivating him to keep up his busy schedule.

In My Heart OST by Bumjin from Korean Drama Welcome to Samdal-ri release
Photo Credit: XX Entertainment

Bumjin, who is now well-versed in OSTs, is drawing keen attention to what kind of activities and music he will meet the public with in the future.


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