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Girl Group Queenz Eye Breaks the Limits & Concept with 'THIS IS LOVE' Promotions

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 17th November 2023

QUEENZ EYE - Photo Credit: Big Mountain Entertainment

Group QueenZ Eye has completed the comeback promotions for their new song ‘THIS IS LOVE.

Queenz Eye completed their official activities for 'THIS IS LOVE' on Arirang TV's 'Simply K-Pop' on the 17th. Through their official SNS channel, they stated, "It was a meaningful comeback that made me want to grow further. “Thank you, thank you again,” they said, expressing their feelings after completing the promotion schedule.

'THIS IS LOVE' is a refreshing concept that Queenz Eye is showcasing for the first time since debut. The track reveals the musical capabilities of members Wonchae and Ahyoon's growth by participating in writing the lyrics. During this comeback, Queenz Eye met global fans not only with a 180-degree changed concept but also with a refreshing charm for the first time since their debut.

As Queenz Eye took on new concept challenges and expanded its musical spectrum with 'THIS IS LOVE,' global fans asked, "How did they gather such members? They did not spare their admiration, saying, “Everyone plays their parts perfectly,” “The chapter is being updated,” and “They are truly beautiful girls.”

The music video for 'THIS IS LOVE' is currently on the verge of exceeding 2 million views, and Queenz Eye has begun to grow into a 'global super rookie' with their skills and musicality recognised by fans around the world through various stages.

Queenz Eye, who shows infinite potential and will solidify their position as a 'global super rookie' in the future, is taking on new challenges with each song they've released since their debut. They have achieved many successes such as 'Performance Queen,' 'K-POP Queen,' and 'Infinite Concept Idol.' Expectations are high for what kind of music and stage they will present in the future having earned these titles.


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