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Girl Group Queenz Eye 'THIS IS LOVE' performance video is now on YouTube

Updated: Feb 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 4th November 2023

The group Queenz Eye released a performance video that captured both music and visuals.

On the 3rd of November, Queenz Eye 'THIS IS LOVE' 'Spotlight' video was released through Stone Music Entertainment's official YouTube channel and is receiving a warm response.

In the released video, Queenz Eye attracted attention by not only showing off the leisurely movements of a '4th generation performance group' but also appealing to their charms along with colourful and shining lights.

This 'Spotlight' video caught the attention of viewers as Queenz Eye colourful gestures, facial expressions, and visuals were all in perfect harmony. The girls made fans smile by appearing to enjoy the performance 200%.

Queenz Eye 'THIS IS LOVE,' which showed off the charm of a femme fatale with delicate choreography details and perfect control of speed, attracted attention as members Wonchae and Ayun participated in writing the lyrics themselves. It tells the story of a girl who has never been in love before, feels love for the first time, and is happy to discover the emotion of love. Queenz Eye is attracting attention with an eye-catching performance with a dreamy melody that makes you feel excited.

Queenz Eye, who showed off their high-level vocal skills through a live clip video and even performed a knife-edge performance, plans to continue to be active as a 'global rookie'.

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