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DJ GLORY signs an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and set to release a new track January 2nd

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 28th December 2023


DJ GLORY is ready to start 2024 with a new song.

On December 28, Warner Music Korea said, “We signed an exclusive contract with GLORY. We ask for your interest in GLORY, who will continue his active activities, starting with releasing a new song at 6 PM on January 2.”

The name of GLORY's new song, set for release on January 2, is 'Before the Dawn.' This song provides a glimpse into GLORY's music world and depicts positive energy and a hopeful message. With the new track, GLORY is expected to not only deliver bright energy to listeners but also develop into an artist with a positive influence.

DJ GLORY signs with Warner Music Korea
DJ GLORY - Photo Credit: Warner Music Korea

Expectations are high, as this new album is the first song released after signing an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea. GLORY has experienced numerous media activities and multiple stages as a domestic professional DJ for 14 years. In 2023, he was active on stages such as 'Water Bomb' in Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, Japan, the '2023 Micro Seoul Festival,' and 'Lotte Duty Freedom Festival,' and met global fans.

DJ GLORY in Tokyo Japan
DJ GLORY in Tokyo Japan - Photo Credit: Instagram @djglory

Anticipation is rising about what the first collaboration between Warner Music Korea and GLORY will be like, as Warner Music Korea has served as a bridgehead by establishing collaborations between numerous K-pop artists and foreign artists. GLORY has raised expectations by releasing a countdown and teasing content for the release of the upcoming new album through the official SNS channel. He will signal his activities in 2024 with high-quality songs.

GLORY's new song 'Before the Dawn' will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on January 2, and GLORY plans to carry out its activities with the full support of Warner Music Korea.


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