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Bumjin's new song 'The Day Without You' swept major music charts upon release

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 19th January 2024

BUMJIN - 'The Day Without You' RELEASE

Following singer-songwriter Bumjin's comeback with 'A Letter,' his new single 'The Day Without You' has swept the music charts upon its release.

Bumjin's new single 'The Day Without You,' released on January 18, rapidly charted on major music sites immediately after its release and ranked 16th on the Melon Chart HOT 100 (within 30 days of release) as of 10 a.m. on January 19. Furthermore, the track ranked 37th on Genie Music's real-time chart, proving its status as a 'music powerhouse.'

Bumjin has recently surged in popularity, ranking fifth in Melon's TOP 100 with 'A letter.' Thanks to the comeback with 'A Letter,' not only did the new song 'The Day Without You' chart upon its release, but the JTBC 'Welcome to Samdal-ri' OST 'In My Heart,' released in December 2023 also entered Melon's TOP 100 (within 30 days of release).

Bumjin's new song 'The Day Without You,' portrays a person's day in the style of a diary entry. The 'greeting' he delivered was a warm consolation, and 'The Day Without You' succeeded in touching the public's empty hearts.


The fact that three songs have charted adds relevance to Bumjin's status as a ‘popular singer-songwriter.’

Meanwhile, Bumjin has recently engaged with the public through events such as solo concerts, new song releases, and surprise busking.


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