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Behind the Scenes of XG's 'Winter Without You' Music Production: A Must-See Video

Updated: Feb 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 7th January 2024


Perfect for winter. XG music contains warm melodies to help ease the bitter cold.

On January 18, the in-studio video for 'WINTER WITHOUT YOU' was released.

XG established great harmony throughout the released video, produced by JAKOPS, XGALX's CEO and general producer. XG demonstrated friendly teamwork between the group's members and JAKOPS, providing comfort to those watching with vocals full of winter emotions in a cosy setting.

In particular, XG garnered attention by highlighting the grandeur of pure voices and music, creating a different vintage atmosphere to the 'WINTER WITHOUT YOU' music video. XG provided healing to global followers by creating a retro feel that produced fond memories.

Upon its release in December last year, 'WINTER WITHOUT YOU' ranked top on iTunes' R&B charts in 13 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan, as well as 11th on Spotify's Viral Chart 'Viral Top 100,' including global ones. The music featured the members' gentle voices, which were well-received by listeners and marked a departure from XG's previous powerful vocals.

XG, which continues its global activities with its first winter season song, released the stage video of "HESONOO & in the video, XG charmed ears with dreamy vocals and calm, downbeat rapping before overwhelming everyone's attention with an eye-catching performance.

XG is currently showcasing its pure fun rookie side on Mnet and M2's reality show 'X or GO.'


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