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Rookie Girl Group 'Primrose' is Blossoming: Introducing The New Members

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 7th September 2023


Girl group PRIMROSE (프림로즈) leaps forward with the addition of experienced members. Let's meet the four members of 'Primrose' who you may still be unfamiliar with.

Primrose first greeted the public with their debut song 'PRIMROSE' on January 13, 2023, and recruited new members Nahyun, Laney, and Hayun in May. Primrose, including former member Ruby, was reborn as a four-member group and announced a fresh start by recently releasing the new song 'LAFFY TAFFY.'

The group's name symbolises their desire to leave a strong impression on the music industry with their musical worldview. Primrose demonstrates improved synergy with their visuals, skills and teamwork after being re-configured into a four-member group. We will focus on exploring the four members of Primrose, who are fresh in energy but professional in skill, and also highlight expectations for the future.

'Bouncing rabbit' Ruby (RUBY)

Ruby, who has an oval face and round eyes, continues the lineage of the 'idol rabbit image' with a cute visual resembling a rabbit. Ruby, whose position in the team is rap and dance, has a bright and lively voice. Ruby has revealed that she has liked dancing since she was young and is recognised for her smooth and clean dance lines. She freely performs various genres of dance. Despite being a rapper, Ruby has also demonstrated outstanding vocal skills and proved her versatility through covers such as Rosé's 'GONE' and George's 'Boat.'

'Skilled Desert Fox' NAHYUN

Nahyun trained for about five years from the age of 15. She worked at Source Music and Cube Entertainment before debuting with Primrose. She first debuted with the group HOT ISSUE in 2021. Nahyun was the visual member of HOT ISSUE and attracted attention for her rhythmic and husky voice and beauty that continues the 'desert fox' lineage. In particular, Nahyun has the advantage of creating music of various genres in her style, in addition to her striking visuals and model-like physique.

'Fresh pink princess' RAINIE

Rainie, who debuted as a member of bugAboo in 2021, made a mark on the public with her accurate Korean pronunciation despite being of Taiwanese nationality. Rainie is one of the artists who brings happiness to the public by boasting a refreshing tone that matches her innocent visuals. Rainie, nicknamed 'Pink Princess', recently showed off her vocal skills through Girls' Generation's 'PARTY' cover video. In addition, since Rainie has experience working as a child actor in Taiwan, she plays an active role as a facial expression craftsman on stage. We look forward to Rainie using this talent to work in various fields, not just singing.

'Trendy golden maknae' HAYUN

Born in 2003, Hayun is the youngest member of the group and, unlike other members, is a rookie with no previous experience. Hayun's position first revealed through Primrose, is vocal and rap, continuing the 'golden maknae' lineage. Hayun, who has an attractive husky voice, demonstrated 100% of her abilities on the 'LAFFY TAFFY' stage and became the main character who 'steals attention' with her trendy stage control. Hayun has a refreshing smile and deep eyes you can't forget once you see them. She monopolises the love of her sisters.


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