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Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 18th March 2024


Today, DAY6 makes their epic return, with their new album, Fourever, via JYP Entertainment/Imperial/Republic Records. The highly anticipated album marks DAY6’s first release since 2021, The Book of Us: Negentropy, and the end of a multi-year hiatus, during which the members completed their military service. Fourever is their eighth mini-album and contains seven powerful new tracks that showcase what sets DAY6 apart in their own league. Stream Fourever HERE.

DAY6 "FOUREVER" 8th mini album
DAY6 "FOUREVER" - Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

The upbeat and explosive album showcases DAY6 at its best, seamlessly blending pop, rock, and more with incredible melodies, captivating lyrics, and musicianship that highlights the true talent possessed by DAY6. The album kicks off with the title track, “Welcome to the Show,” which gives a nod to post-Britpop sound and serves as a reintroduction to DAY6. Coinciding with the album release, the group also released a music video for the hard-hitting track that captures the message and energy of the song.

Following “Welcome to the Show,” the album transitions into “HAPPY,” which blends melodic pop-punk chords with alternative rock sounds. The following track, “The Power of Love” combines exciting synth-pop sounds with hard rock, featuring an infectious chorus that is impossible not to sing along to. “Get The Hell Out” draws inspiration from the grunge rock genre, once again demonstrating the versatility of DAY6. Track five, “Sad Ending,” is a pop-punk anthem that transitions from soaring melodies to explosive guitar riffs, all while encapsulating the intense emotions that define the pop-punk genre is known for. The group carries that emotion into “Let Me Love You,” a pop ballad that showcases the softer side of DAY6 and the songwriting prowess they possess. The album concludes with “didn’t know,” a heartfelt rock ballad containing sincere lyrics and beautiful vocals from the members. The group’s bassist and vocalist, Young K, receives writing credits on each song for crafting the lyrics, while other members, WONPIL and SUNGJIN, also receive composition credits on the album.

Fourever Track List:

  1. Welcome to the Show

  2. HAPPY

  3. The Power of Love

  4. Get The Hell Out

  5. Sad Ending

  6. Let Me Love You

  7. didn’t know



About DAY6

Formed under the K-pop powerhouse JYP Entertainment, DAY6 is a four-member band consisting of SUNGJIN, Young K, WONPIL, and DOWOON. They first burst onto the music scene in September 2015 with their EP The Day, which reached No.2 on Billboard's World Album Chart after its release. Since their debut, they have gone on to release a multitude of projects with songs ranging from hard rock to mellow pop ballads, exemplifying their range and musicality. Billboard praised the group’s first full-length album in 2017, SUNRISE, as one of the greatest K-pop albums of the 2010s (No.14), and the project’s lead single, "I Wait," was named one of Billboard’s "Greatest K-pop Songs of the 2010s." The group has also embarked on two world tours, playing in over 15 countries each time. After a three-year hiatus to complete their military service, DAY6 is back with their eighth mini-album, Fourever, now available on all digital and streaming platforms.


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