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Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 13th October 2023

TXT 3rd Studio Album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL - Photo Credit: BigHit Music

SEOUL (October 13th, 2023) - Global Gen Z Icons TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI) released their highly-anticipated 3rd Studio Album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL today. Listen Here. Continuing the narrative of the band’s ‘Name Chapter’ series, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL paints the growing pains of today's generation. The series’ new installment tells a story of youth coming face to face with reality. The real world is unfamiliar and inevitably challenging, but the album captures the determination of youth to tackle reality head-on and move forward.

TXT 3rd Studio Album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL - Photo Credit: BigHit Music
TXT 3rd Studio Album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL - Photo Credit: BigHit Music

Lead single "Chasing That Feeling" is a 1980s-inspired new wave track that signals a fresh start within reality after leaving behind a sweet but stagnant past without growth. The band lay bare and confront the pains, anxieties, and emptiness of reality that deeply resonate with the experiences of today’s youth.

The music video for the lead single picks up where they left off in their previous album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, which came to a close with the boys leaving the beautiful yet utterly irresponsible paradise of 'Neverland.' The video follows the boys as they make the decision to venture and freefall into the real world. Their first encounter in this new reality is a cold and damp underground space. The boys freefall to rock bottom, but each finds their own little magical moments within it. As the five members eventually reunite, the video delivers a message that one another can become the miracles for each other in their daily lives.

The cinematic video was shot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. It offers dynamic action scenes involving wires and cars along with an impressive use of CGI and VFX effects, which delivers a stunning visual experience to viewers and brings to life reality as seen by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. The trailblazing global phenomenons have established themselves as the leading voice of Gen Z with relatable storytelling, trendy music, and breathtaking performances that resonate with today’s youth. The new album comes at the heels of the band’s world premiere of their single “Back for More (with Anitta)” at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, where they took home the trophy for PUSH Performance of the Year.

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