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K-Pop group “MUSTB” (머스트비) makes their comeback with ‘LA SEÑORITA’ (라 세뇨리타)

Updated: Feb 12

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 16th September 2022

MUSTB made an online comeback for the press on Friday, September 16, 2022, and spoke with the media ahead of the official release of their third album, "LA SEÑORITA," on Monday, September 19, 2022.

The global press attends the MUSTB (머스트비) online press conference on Friday, September 16, 2002, organized by MUSTM Entertainment via zoom meeting.

MustB made their comeback stage with "La Señorita" on MBC's music show, ‘Show Champion,’ on September 14, 2022, their first performance on the show. They then released the official music video ahead of the album's official release.

The group returns with their new album "LA SEÑORITA," which comes five months after releasing their second single "Spring Again."

MUSTB kicked off the press showcase event by showing the audience their new music video for the title track, "La Señorita."

With masterfully crafted hairstyles and Latin-inspired costumes, the group has shown a more mature side of themselves in this comeback. This new look has heightened fans' excitement and anticipation.

The members addressed the online showcase viewers in both Korean and English. They also made great efforts to speak Spanish. The group members expressed their excitement about this new project because it had been a while since they had had the opportunity to release and promote new music.

The members of the K-Pop group MUSTB (머스트비) addressed the online showcase viewers in both Korean and English. They also made great efforts to speak Spanish., and their accents were great (muy bueno mesmo).

MUSTB described "La Señorita" as sexy and shared the song's catchphrase, "I’ll definitely make you mine." The members were adorable. They made the audience smile with comments like "sexy guy" and "hot guy" during the individual introductions. Their personalities shone through, and we got to know the idols better.

Following their introductions, MUSTB delighted the online audience by performing "La Señorita."

K-Pop group MUSTB(머스트비) sang "La Señorita" for the audience at their online comeback press conference on Friday, September 16, 2022

The group shared they would post a dance challenge for Muffins to participate in on TikTok and Instagram. Muffins, keep an eye out for the challenge!

Taegeon (태건) from K-pop group MUSTB (머스트비) individual comeback photo provided by MUSTM Entertainment

Taegeon (태건), the leader of MUSTB, said that the group plans to tour more frequently in the future and hopes to incorporate more languages into their songs. Hopefully, this song will increase our fan base.

Doha (더하) from K-pop group MUSTB (머스트비) individual comeback photo provided by MUSTM Entertainment

Doha (더하), the group's lead vocalist, said that it felt good to be back with Muffins after the album's release. Hopefully, this song will get MUSTB more fans.

Soohyun (수현) from K-pop group MUSTB (머스트비) individual comeback photo provided by MUSTM Entertainment

Soohyun (수현), the group's rapper and choreographer, thanked the fans for waiting and promised to show them their best performances both online and in person.

"La Señorita" the title track, is filled with a passionate Latin mood that captures listeners' ears with sensuous rhythmic acoustic guitar strokes and brass sounds that burst out in the chorus. In addition, an addictive melody, acoustic tone, and a trendy synth tone, which have recently gained popularity in the mainstream scene, are well blended. The song's lyrics are impressive, with a man confessing, "I will definitely make you mine," while showcasing all the group members' intense and sexy charm. The Spanish lyrics complement the rhythm of the Korean lyrics and enhance the sexy, passionate Latin-style vibe. Members Taegeon, Soohyun, and Sihoo participated in the writing of the song lyrics and can take credit for the group singing in three languages Korean, English, and Spanish.

Taegeon, Soohyun, and Sihoo of MUSTB highlighted their songwriting abilities as they participated in the songwriting process, giving the song a truly unique sound and demonstrating their maturation from young boys to cool young men.

In addition, the second track, "All Day," highlights the natural, groovy rapping of MustB members over an instrumental that combines both old and new school beats. "All Day" is a fan song dedicated to Muffin (MustB fandom name) and features MustB ambitions as young boys who have grown into young men who know they can do anything as long as Muffins is with them.

MustB is a five-member Korean pop boy group composed of Taegeon, Wooyeon, Doha, Soohyun, and Sihoo. They debuted under ‘MustM Entertainment' on January 21, 2019, with the release of their debut single "I want u."

In July 2020, the group released their first mini album, 'Let Me Rise Again,' followed by the second single, "Spring Again," in April 2021. MustB recently completed their first world tour, touring throughout ten countries and concluding with offline concerts in Romania and Dubai.

The group then performed at the ‘Super Music Festival 2022 Odaiba LIVE’ in Tokyo, Japan, demonstrating their calibre as a global rookie group.

"La Señorita" is also a tribute to the fans worldwide who showed MustB their undying love during their world tour.

All Photo and video credits: MUSTM Entertainment

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