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Unveiling F.CUZ's Latest Music 'Beautiful Girl (2023)'

Updated: Feb 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 26th October 2023


Group F.CUZ unveils the final story of the 6-member full version remake series.

F.CUZ will release 'Beautiful Girl (2023),' the final song in the remake series, on various music platforms at 6 PM today, November 26th.

'Beautiful Girl (2023)' is a song of the medium genre, featuring witty lyrics that express the experience of falling in love at first sight. The song also incorporates rhythmic beats and an acoustic guitar performance. Here, the members' playful yet soft vocals were blended into a harmonious whole.

'Beautiful Girl (2023)' is produced by composers Park Jeong-wook and Kim Jun-il, who are renowned producers from the MOT Label. They have created numerous hit songs for popular singers like Ailee, Kim Ho-Jung, Wanna One, and DK (December). As a result, there are high expectations for the kind of brilliant synergy they will create when they collaborate on this project.

Since their debut in 2010, F.CUZ has been active not only in domestic music and entertainment but also in presenting a variety of songs. In addition, they have been active as 'global idols' through active global activities such as ranking first on the entire Tower Records national chart in Japan, topping the Oricon chart, and holding solo concerts.

F.CUZ - Photo Credit: MOT Entertainment
F.CUZ - Photo Credit: MOT Entertainment

​Since then, F.CUZ, whose members have all completed their military service, has taken a new leap forward, starting with the 6-member remake in 2023, with former members Yujun, Raehyun, Kan, and Jinon coming together again 13 years after their debut, expectations and interests are focused on the company's future actions.

Meanwhile, F.CUZ will hold a full-length performance at 'Tokyo Live 'F.CUZ F.6UZ,' the first of a new beginning, at the DDD Aoyama Cross Theater in Shibuya, Japan starting October 27th to 29th and begin activities in earnest.


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