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Group NTX releases concept photos for their comeback album 'ODD HOUR'

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 3rd November 2023


The concept for Group NTX's comeback album has finally been revealed.

NTX released the first album 'ODD HOUR' concept photo through the official SNS channel at midnight on the 1st and 3rd, intensifying the comeback fever with a concept that has changed 180 degrees.

In the recently released concept photo, NTX appears to be exuding charisma and a strong presence in an all-black ensemble. They capture attention with their sensual styling, using a variety of hair colours as well as various accessories including goggles and face chains.

If NTX thrilled fans with a boyish concept in its previous album 'LATECOMER,' the group has now raised expectations for a comeback with a sexy and strong homme fatale charm in their latest album.

NTX has begun a full-fledged comeback countdown with concept photos, expressing the ambition that “when you listen to the song, you will be so intoxicated by the music that you will not be able to feel the passage of time.” Member Rohyeon participated in producing all the songs of 'ODD HOUR,' and with the members also contributing to writing lyrics and rap making, fans can expect to see NTX's expanded musical spectrum.

NTX 'ODD HOUR' concept photos
NTX 'ODD HOUR' concept photos - Photo Credit: Victory Company

Meanwhile, 'ODD HOUR' will be released at noon on the 15th, and NTX will also hold an 'ODD HOUR' fan concert at 7 pm on the same day.


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