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Unveiling the Stunning Transformation of Actor Yoo In-soo in TVING's 'Death's Game

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 13th December 2023

Actor Yoo In-Soo in TVING's 'Death's Game'

Yoo In-soo's agency, Management Koo, released behind-the-scenes photos of TVING's original series, 'Death's Game.'

Yoo In-soo (유인수) appears as a classmate of Kwon Hyuk-soo (Kim Kang-hoon) and is expected to act as a scene stealer who will add tension to the play.

Actor Yoo In-Soo in TVING's 'Death's Game'
Actor Yoo In-Soo in TVING's 'Death's Game' - Photo Credit: Management District

In the released photo, Yoo In-soo is holding a cell phone and staring at someone with intense eyes, raising further curiosity about the character and situation that have not yet been revealed.

Yoo In-soo, who showed a variety of characters by appearing in 'All Of Us Are Dead,' 'Alchemy of Souls,' 'The Good Bad Mother,' and 'The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch,' recently appeared in Netflix's 'Daily Dose of Sunshine,' dealing with panic disorder. Having received positive reviews for his realistic acting as 'Ji Seung-jae,' a nursing trainee who goes through a lot of hardships, expectations are rising for the strong image transformation he will show in 'Death's Game.'

Meanwhile, episodes 1 to 4 of Part 1 of TVING's original series 'Death's Game,' in which Yoo In-soo is scheduled to appear, will be released on Friday December 15, and Part 2 will be released on Friday, January 5. 'Death's Game' is available in more than 240 countries through Prime Video.


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