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TO1 (티오워) comes back stronger with their hard-hitting “Son Of Beast” MV.

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 20th May 2021

TO1 has returned after changing their name from TOO (티오오), an acronym for "Ten Oriented Orchestra" to TO1 (티오원) TOgether as 1. They are a 10-member boy group consisting of Jaeyun (재윤), Chihoon (치훈), Donggeon (동건), Chan (찬), Jisu (지수), Minsu (민수), J.You (제이유), Kyungho (경호), Jerome (제롬), and Woonggi (웅기). The group is managed by WAKE ONE ENTERTAINMENT, having switched from Stone Music Entertainment, and n.CH Entertainment. They were formed through the survival show ‘World Klass,’ and officially debuted on 1st April 2020 with their first mini-album, 'Reason for Being:Benevolence.’

TO1 released their first comeback mini-album ‘RE:BORN’ and a music video for the title track “Son of Beast” produced by Christian Fast, Andreas Öhrn, and Royal Dive.

“Son of Beast” is a pop dance track with hints of R&B and hip hop. Now that they’ve been “reborn” as a “beast,” TO1 (티오원) expresses their determination to keep challenging themselves and heading out into the world.

TO1 (티오원) debuted on 1st April 2020 with their debut mini-album, ‘Reason for Being:Benevolence.’ with “Magnolia” as the title track.

On 12th June 2020, TOO announced they would be making a comeback on 15th July with their second mini-album titled ‘Running TOOgether’ with "Count 1, 2" as the title track.

On 13th January 2021, it was reported that CJ ENM had terminated their contract with n.CH Entertainment seven months after TOO's debut and the agency was ordered to withdraw all management work for the group.

They performed at ‘KCON:TACT 3’ on 28th March 2021 and announced, TOO had changed their name to TO1.

“Son of Beast” is a hard-hitting track compared to their previous track Count 1, 2.” Much of its edge has a funk overtone, energetic and in keeping with other tracks released this year with the bass guitar opening the song. It is an instant classic, the amount of hooks and the sheer level of funkiness this track exudes shows us how music was back then. The song’s hook is repetitive, captivating, and addictive. The composition is exquisite. The synth and pianos are very creative in creating this pop smash hit. The chorus is perfect for the track. The lyrics are infused with TO1’s own story of never backing down from challenges and were co-written by

makeumineworksKim Eungju, Bae Sunghyun, and 2mm. TO1 members Chihoon and J.You also contributed to the song’s lyrics. Son of Beast” has more high points than low. It’s a solid rebirth for this promising young group. Glad to see they were allowed to make this comeback.

Their sharp and powerful dancing in the music video showcases their strong performance skills as previously seen on programs “World Klass” (the survival show that created them) and, more recently, “Road To Kingdom.”

RE:BORN’ is an eight-track mini-album with songs that span various genres and highlights the group’s new chapter with growth and an upgraded image. Member Chan, along with Chihoon and J.You, participated in penning lyrics for almost every song on the album. Additionally, an English version of “Son of Beast” and the TO1 version of TOO’s debut album B-side “Don’t Fear Now” are included on the album.

Jaeyun (재윤)

Chihoon (치훈)

Donggeon (동건)

Chan (찬)

Jisu (지수)

Minsu (민수)

J.You (제이유)

Kyungho (경호)

Jerome (제롬)

Woonggi (웅기)

All Photo Credits : @TO1/Twitter

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