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"Tilde" releases new song titled 'Eternal Festival'

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 13th June 2023

Tilde released their digital single 'Eternal Festival' through various music sites at noon on June 13, giving a fresh shock to the public with their own colourful music and sound.

'Eternal Festival' is a song composed of sweet lyrics, easy-to-follow melodies, and Tilde's unique, cool sound. It contains more colourful colours, along with Tilde's musical growth.

This song is an important step in expanding Tilde's musical spectrum and is expected to provide new musical experiences and impressions to the public.

In particular, Tilde not only makes the public feel warm healing through the 'Eternal Festival', but also says, "For the one person who has become a light in his world, 'we' will have an endless 'Eternal Festival' while living. They are also sending messages such as “How about something?”

In this way, while the band Tilde is releasing a new digital single, 'Eternal Festival,' through Local High Records, attention is once again focused on the enchanting wave they will create with 'Eternal Festival'.

The new track 'Eternal Festival' by the band Tilde will be available on various music sites starting at noon on the 13th.

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