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Tickets for TOUCHED's solo concert 'remnant' now available

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 11th August 2023

Touched, the 5-member band, will hold their solo concert 'remnant' in September.

Tickets for the Touched concert 'remnant' are available starting August 11 at 8 p.m. at Interpark Ticket.

'remnant' is a performance following Touched's solo concert 'SUPERNOVA,' held in June. It is a precious piece of star found in the afterimage of 'SUPERNOVA' that radiated intense energy, 'remnant' (remnants of a supernova). In particular, 'remnant' is a performance to commemorate the release of Touched's new EP, scheduled to be released this year. All songs will be released at this solo concert.


On August 4, 2023, the news of the performance was announced through TOUCHED's official SNS. This was followed by the release of a teaser video on August 9, which received enthusiastic responses from the fans. In particular, in the teaser by Touched bassist John B. Kim, the English narration was added to give a sense of mystery and immersion to the worldview of 'Star,' presented by K-Band's Morning Star Touched.

In response, Touched's fans said, 'The performance teaser is like a movie intro, so I'm really looking forward to it.' 'It's so romantic to be a piece of a star right after a supernova.', 'I must go. Please let me.' He expressed his anticipation for the performance.

Touched is a 5-member band that debuted in 2021 with the single "The Dawn Star" and is receiving a lot of love and attention for its high-quality stage and musical skills. Touched won Mnet's band survival show 'The Great Seoul Invasion' last year and captivated the public's eyes and ears with attractive vocals and powerful performances in KBS2's 'Immortal Song'.

Meanwhile, Touched is showing off its status by posting a lineup at major domestic festivals such as the '2023 Busan International Rock Festival' and 'Grand Mint Festival 2023'. Touched's hot-blooded moves, which followed a solo performance, an EP release, and a festival appearance, are attracting more attention.

Touched's solo concert 'remnant' will be held at Baekam Art Hall for a total of 3 days, from September 8-10, 2023.


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