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The Highly Anticipated Comeback Date for Fantasy Boys Has Been Brought Forward

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 10th November 2023

The group FANTASY BOYS will be performing on the music broadcast stage on November 16th.

Fantasy Boys have changed their comeback date from the 24th to the 23rd. They will also pre-release their new song through music broadcasts starting on the 16th, a week earlier.

Fantasy Boys, who have been attracting attention with their new song, choreography video, and comeback date, have decided to change the comeback date to give fans a chance to hear the new song a day earlier. They are now planning to start their activities with the new song on the 16th.

FANTASY BOYS - Photo Credit: PocketDol Studios

In particular, Fantasy Boys announced through their agency, "It was a difficult decision, but we have decided to change the comeback date for the sake of our fans." They expressed their strong determination by saying, "We are preparing to make it a perfect stage," as interest in the performance of their new song is growing.

Fantasy Boys' new song features composers who have worked with some of Korea's top groups, including NCT127, Stray Kids, Twice, and BTS. The dance crew "Ospicious," consisting of Kim Seung-Hyun (Patt) and Jeon Ki-hoon (dope.k), participated in the choreography and is raising expectations.

Fantasy Boys, who have demonstrated their significant global impact by surpassing 10 million views for each of their previously released choreography videos for their new song, are set to continue their domestic and international activities with the release of their latest song.

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