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Singer-songwriter Unchan releases new song ‘Surprise’

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 30th June 2023

Singer-songwriter Unchan delivers a refreshing voice through Local High Records.

Unchan released the digital single 'Surprise' on various music sites at noon today, June 30, showing his unique groove.

This new song, 'Surprise,' gives the feeling of singing together with Unchan's sweet voice and guitar riff. It is a refreshing and rhythmic R&B song in a light atmosphere with a groovy bass added to it, and it is expected to catch listeners' ears.

​In addition to Unchan's sweet voice that is refreshing and snipers women's hearts, this 'Surprise' contains the keyword 'Let's be happy for no reason' by adding a spoonful of imagination to boring daily life. Through this, you can feel the heart of Unchan, who wants to convey happiness.

Since Unchan has established his own position with his trendy melody-making ability and strong singing skills, expectations are gathering for the 'Surprise' and 'Happy' time he presents.

Photo Credit: Local High Records

Meanwhile, Unchan's new song 'Surprise' is available on various music sites.

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