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Singer Lee Chan-won releases new profile photos

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 4th November 2023

Singer Lee Chan-won captivated everyone with his beauty, which alternates between purity and intensity.

Chan-won Lee released new profile photos on the official SNS channel on the 3rd, creating a vibrant atmosphere and showcasing the charm of the 'new Chanto'.

In the released photo, Lee Chan-won showcased a more youthful appearance with well-groomed hair, drawing attention with his distinctive features and deep eyes. Lee Chan-won maximised his handsome features with eyes that exuded soft charisma, embodying 'the essence of dandyness.'

Here, Lee Chan-won displayed a mature aura while also showing off his 'pure white beauty' with a white shirt, and also conveyed a youthful charm with a fresh smile.

Lee Chan-won's new profile photo, reminiscent of a pictorial with a unique atmosphere, immediately garnered attention from fans upon its release. Comments such as "The face is welfare," "He looks as handsome as an actor's profile," and "His beauty shines more each day" flooded in. Responses such as “Clear, trustworthy and favourable image” are also ongoing.

Lee Chan-won exudes a strong presence with just his new profile photo, raising expectations for his future activities. Lee Chan-won recently received a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and won the Best Music Spring category at the '2023 The Fact Music Awards,' further solidifying his reputation as a singer. It is also gaining attention as a 'blue chip in the advertising world', having been chosen as a model for an eco-friendly detergent brand and a soju brand.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won is currently engaging with the public through various broadcasts such as 'Talk Partner 25 Hours,' 'Immortal Songs,' and 'Problem Son of the Rooftop.'

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