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R&B K-pop leader OCEANFROMTHEBLUE completes solo concert in Seoul!

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 13th November 2023

Artist OCEANFROMTHEBLUE (오션프롬더블루) has infused Europe and even Seoul with sensational sound.

On the 10th, OCEANFROMTHEBLUE held a solo concert called 'WAY TO BLUE IN SEOUL' at Rolling Hall in Hongdae, where he met his domestic fans after completing his first European tour.

On this day, the concert hall was filled with OCEANFROMTHEBLUE's unique music, including 'Flying to the Moon,' 'Scent,' 'Breath,' 'Past Life,' and 'Lokuko.' In the cold, OCEANFROMTHEBLUE expressed his sincere feelings, saying, "It feels special to be able to perform in Seoul after completing a month-long European tour in September."

At the Seoul performance, a band featuring two keyboard players was showcased, and OCEANFROMTHEBLUE mesmerized the audience with an incredible live performance. As he received praise during their European tour, such as "proving the legitimacy of KR&B (R&B)," this Seoul performance was also a pure music festival, showcasing his musical talent.

OCEANFROMTHEBLUE, in particular, showed off his abs and drove European fans crazy, garnering over 4.6 million views on TikTok. He also left a strong impression with his hot showmanship during the Seoul performance. Also, "Thank you to everyone who came despite the cold weather, and I hope you will cherish the memories of today's performance for a long time. I don't think I will ever forget this moment," he said, maintaining a romantic and intimate connection throughout the performance.

After the performance, there was a photo session and even an autograph session, which reached the peak of fan adoration. Here, he raised expectations until the end, saying, "I ask for your continued interest in new music and performances in the future."

From various festivals, his first European tour, and even a solo concert in Seoul, OCEANFROMTHEBLUE is showcasing performances worthy of a 'performance genius.' He plans to continue his active endeavours in the future.


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