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Palm Tree Island showed the power of Korean musical actors and K-musicals in Japan

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 2nd November 2023

The musical gala concert of Palm Tree Island, a management company specializing in musicals where you can meet Korea's best musical actors boasting overwhelming synergy and impeccable skills, has landed in Japan for the first time. Their performance, held at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A on Tuesday, October 31st between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m., attracted an audience of approximately 6,000 Japanese people, proving the keen popularity and interest of Palm Tree Island's actors in the local area.

They organized sections for each famous musical work, such as 'Death Note,' 'Jekyll and Hyde,' 'Elizabeth,' and 'Disney,' and presented stages one after another as if they were watching a single production. Just like in a musical where a variety of characters and numbers are needed to create a story, it seems that the fact that each section can be continued like a work in a concert is possible because Palm Tree Island has 7 actors with different personalities and skills.

In particular, the meaning is even more special as it is a family concert in Japan in which all musical actors from the group appear. The musical number was sung in Korean, showing off the skills of a K-musical actor, while also sung in Japanese for the local audience, leaving fans in the archipelago deeply moved. Except for Kim Jun-su and Jin Tae-Hwa, who can speak the local language, Kim So-Hyun, Jeong Seon-ah, Son Jun-ho, Seo Kyung-soo, and Yang Seo-yoon also spoke short phrases in Japanese and tried to communicate sincerely with the audience, and their feelings were conveyed.

As such, Palm Tree Island is an unusual event for a musical gala concert in Japan featuring all of the company's artists, rather than an individual solo concert, and has truly captured the hearts of local Japanese fans who are highly interested in Korean musicals and musical actors. Musical actors Kim Jun-su, Kim So-Hyun, Jeong Seon-ah, Son Jun-ho, Jin Tae-Hwa, Seo Kyung-soo, and Yang Seo-yoon went beyond Korea and immediately captured the attention of the Japanese audience. Expectations are growing for the future progress of the seven actors who will continue to be active as Korea's leading musical actors.

The local response in Japan was also enthusiastic. After the performance ended, people posted on various SNS.

“It was the best concert where you could fully enjoy the skills of Korean musical actors without having to go to Korea.”

Photo Credit- PalmTree Island

“It was so amazing.”

“I was amazed by the amazing singing skills of Korean musical actors."

They expressed their satisfaction with the Palm Tree Island Gala Concert by leaving comments such as

“I am very happy that they sang the musical number in Japanese,” and “It was an amazing performance.”

In addition, a Palm Tree Island official said, “As the Korean Wave is expanding into various fields, Japanese audiences’ interest in Korean musicals and actors are leaping forward as new Korean Wave content continues to expand.”

It seems that the project was able to be promoted overseas with confidence because all of Korea's famous musical actors with both talent and recognition were under one agency. “We hope that Palm Tree Island’s gala concert in Japan will increase Japanese audiences’ interest in various musical works about to open in Korea and local people’s interest in Korean musical actors.”

Meanwhile, Palm Tree Island, which includes musical actors Kim Jun-su, Kim So-Hyun, Jeong Seon-ah, Son Jun-ho, Jin Tae-Hwa, Seo Kyung-soo, and Yang Seo-yoon, will launch its self-produced content 'INTERMISSION' season through its official YouTube channel at 9 PM on Monday the 6th of November. We plan to introduce new content once again.

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