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Original Korean Wave idol Kim Junsu meets fans in Taiwan after 8 years

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 6th November 2023

Kim Junsu at fan meeting in Taiwan
Kim Junsu at a fan meeting in Taiwan - Photo Credit: PalmTree Island

Singer Kim Junsu (XIA) enjoyed strong popularity in Taiwan for his first visit in 8 years.

Yesterday (5th), Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME.' Although Junsu Kim is visiting Taiwan for the first time in about 8 years since the '4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN TAIPEI' in 2015, the concert hall was crowded, demonstrating Kim Junsu's unwavering popularity in Asia.

Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan November 2023
Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan - Photo Credit: PalmTree Island

Kim Junsu, who kicked off the fan meeting with his iconic song ‘UNCOMMITTED,' expressed, “ It's been 8 years since I last visited Taiwan. It was a place I missed so much and wanted to visit because it reminded me of Taiwanese fans a lot. “I wondered if I would ever come here again, but thanks to your visit, I now have the opportunity to be with you like this. I believe I am a happier person than anyone else." He also expressed his heartfelt feelings to his fans.

The audience warmly welcomed Kim Junsu's visit to Taiwan with enthusiastic applause and cheers, as if the eight-year gap was insignificant. In particular, '2894 I Couldn't Meet You' was produced by Taiwanese fans. The sincerity of those who had been waiting for Kim Junsu for a long time could also be confirmed through the slogan with the phrase. As if to reciprocate, Kim Junsu enhanced the fan meeting by incorporating various segments that allowed him to interact with fans.

Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan in November 2023
Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan - Photo Credit: PalmTree Island

Kim Junsu said, "I remember that 20 years ago, you were all students. We are growing older together, but every time I see you, I feel like a child again or I am transported back to my school days. There may be moments when we all feel that the world is not easy and we have to compromise with reality. However, I hope that when we come together, it will remind us of the days when we were full of motivation and had many dreams. “ He expressed his sincere feelings.

In particular, the Taiwanese fan who was mentioned as the most memorable fan during the press conference commemorating the release of his first solo title song 'Tarantalegra' in 2012, attended the 20th-anniversary fan meeting in good health and made a lasting impression on the venue. The fan in question had previously been in poor health, but upon hearing Kim Junsu's voice and music, he regained consciousness and his condition improved. Kim Junsu also attracted attention by personally visiting the patient.

Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan in November 2023
Kim Junsu held his fan meeting 'COCOTIME' in Taiwan - Photo Credit: PalmTree Island

It was the moment when Kim Junsu promised to work harder after hearing the story, "I gained hope after listening to your music, became a reality." Kim Junsu, who sang 'Just Yesterday' and 'Red Diamond' with utmost sincerity, concluded his 20th-anniversary fan meeting in Taiwan in a meaningful way. Throughout the event, he expressed his deep gratitude and affection for his fans who have supported him unwaveringly for the past 20 years.

Kim Junsu's fan meeting in Taiwan, held for the first time in 8 years, garnered significant local attention both before and after the event. As if to prove the unchanging interest and popularity of Taiwanese fans, this performance was attended by fans from all over, the concert hall, all dressed in green as per the dress code, to see Kim Junsu. Accordingly, expectations are growing for Kim Junsu's future activities, who has once again proven the 'unchanging class of the original Korean Wave idol' in his 20th year.

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