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NTX, pre-sale of comeback album ‘ODD HOUR’ begins today

Updated: Nov 12

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 6th November 2023

NTX - Photo Credit X

Group NTX sheds its boyish charm and returns with the dark 'ODD HOUR.' Today, on the 6th, NTX released a pack shot of their comeback album, 1st Album 'ODD HOUR,' and started accepting pre-orders through various online sites from 2 PM on the same day. The new album 'ODD HOUR' will be released in two versions: a regular version and an eco-friendly version, which will stimulate fans' desire to own it. The standard version includes a photo book and poster for collecting members' visuals, a 4-cut photo film, and a postcard with handwritten notes. On the other hand, the eco-friendly version features a photo card and mini cards that allow you to access the content through a QR code, providing added value.

NTX K-pop Boy Group
NTX - Photo Credit: Victory Company

The new album 'ODD HOUR,' which stands out in terms of composition, is NTX's latest release following their appearance on JTBC's 'Peak Time.' It showcases the members' dark charisma. In addition, member Rohyun took charge of producing the album and composed and wrote 14 songs, including the title song 'Holy Grail.' Meanwhile, members Changhoon and Seungwon also contributed to writing lyrics for the other songs, thereby further enhancing the overall quality of the album. As 'ODD HOUR' provides a glimpse into the growth of NTX, the "producing idol," the unveiling of the 14 self-produced songs is also raising expectations. Previously, NTX revealed the first concept photo for 'ODD HOUR,' attracting attention from fans with its striking visuals that were completely different from the previous concept. Meanwhile, NTX will officially release its 1st album 'ODD HOUR' on the 15th of November. Pre-orders will be available on various online sites starting from 2 PM on the 6th of November.

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