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"Meet NOMAD (노매드): The New Rising Stars of K-R&B & Hip-Hop"

Updated: Mar 3

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 28th February 2024

K-pop boy group NOMAD Debut

Meet the newcomers poised to become the next big thing in K-R&B and hip-hop. NOMAD is the newest boy band that debuted today, February 28.

Their self-titled debut EP album, “NOMAD,” was unveiled by the group at their debut showcase on their official fan platform.

NOMAD is a group of five members (Doy, Sangha, One, Rivr, and Junho) under NOMAD Entertainment, and their name, NOMAD, is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Need Our Microphones And Dances.'

Before their official debut, the group had attracted public attention by pre-releasing the tracks from their first EP, the performance video for 'Lights On,' and the lyric video for 'Eye to eye.' Following that, the lyric videos for 'Automatic' and 'Oasis' premiered. The most recent pre-release happened on February 23, when the band unveiled another track, 'Let me love you.' The remainder of the tracks were released simultaneously with the album today.

An international team of hitmakers participated in the EP production, including globally acclaimed music producers who have previously created tracks for K-pop stars. Cha Cha Malone, best known for his collaborations with Jay Park and DK, is a prominent music producer recognised for creating numerous K-pop hits for artists like EXO, Seventeen, NCT, and more. Another renowned international figure in the music industry, Jayrah Gibson, has credits on tracks and is known to have worked in the past with acts including Chris Brown, Usher, TY Dolla $ign, BTS, and TXT. He has also produced hits such as Jay Park's 'JOAH' and ‘All I Wanna Do.' World-famous producer Damon Sharpe, who has collaborated with Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Korean artists such as BoA and SHINee, also contributed to NOMAD's debut EP album. Notably, DOY, NOMAD's leader, co-produced and wrote all the tracks on the album, along with creating the choreography for 'California Love.'

The debut album features two title tracks, 'No pressure' and 'California love.'

'No pressure' reflects on the group's emotions felt during their pre-debut days, conveying their determination and perseverance to achieve their goal. The track features a lively rhythm with a blend of vocals and rap. This track leans more towards a trendy hip-hop style with a variety of instrumentals.

The 'No pressure' music video shows NOMAD living their dream and performing in front of screaming fans.

'California love,' their second title track, is fun and easy to listen to, immersing listeners in young, lovestruck lyrics.

'Oasis' showcases the passionate sound of this group with captivating pop melodies. The vocal line in this track is impressive. NOMAD confesses their appreciation for someone who uplifted them during difficult times.

Co-composed by Cha Cha Malone, 'Automatic' has all the ingredients of a hit. This R&B pop track features a catchy chorus, captivating lyrics, and tells a story of a magnetic attraction.

'Let me love you' is a contemporary R&B song that reveals a subtly sexy side of NOMAD. It is an impeccably produced track with sincere lyrics and passion-filled vocals.

'Lights on,' was a mouth-watering pre-debut release. With a sample of Aaliyah's 'More Than a Woman' instrumental in the chorus, background vocals, and inspired choreography, this track was destined to be a hit.

The final track on the album is 'Eye 2 eye,' featuring cool EDM beats and a smooth, steady pace that makes it the perfect closing song.

NOMAD met their fans for the first time during their recent debut showcase, “NOMAD IS HERE,” held at Seongam Art Hall in Seoul.

They expressed their joy by stating, "It was a long journey to prepare for our debut, but we are now finally happy to stand here on stage." They also shared their goal and ambition of adding beauty to the world through positive messages and music.

They performed many tracks from their debut album, showcasing their synchronised dance skills during performances of the title tracks 'No pressure' and 'California love.' During their performances of 'Oasis' and 'Let me love you,' their vocals were definitely the focal point of the performances. During the question and answer segment, NOMAD treated fans to a live acoustic rendition of 'Eye 2 eye.' They also took the opportunity to reveal their official fandom name, BASE. Group member JUHNO revealed they chose this fandom name because they see their fans as a base camp, a space to heal.

NOMAD highlighted creating their music and stories as a strength of the team, demonstrating a strong commitment to continue in this direction in the future.


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