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Legendary duo CEO Kim Kwang-soo and composer Cho Young-soo team up again with 'Love Is All Lies' after 13 years

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 18th January 2024


On January 18, PocketDol Studio agency revealed the title of their new medium-tempo song 'Love is All Lies,' a collaboration between CEO Kim Kwang-soo and composer Cho Young-soo. 'Love is All Lies' is the first track released by the two producers in about 13 years, following previous collaborations with SG Wannabe, SeeYa, and Davichi.

Composer Cho Young-soo and CEO Kim Gwang-soo, who were dominant figures in the music industry during the 2000s, are planning to release another masterpiece that will captivate the public in 2024.

The new song 'Love is All a Lie' resembles SG Wannabe's 'A Midsummer's Dream (Duet With Ock Ju-hyun)' and introduces a fresh style of 'healing.' In particular, BAE173's J-Min, Youngseo, Class:y's Jimin, Boeun, and Fantasy Boys' Hanbin and Ling Qi have recently completed recording 'Love is All Lies,' raising expectations.

CEO Kim Kwang-soo, the producer of the new song 'Love is All Lies,' has also produced stars including SG Wannabe, SeeYa, Davichi, and T-ara. Cho Young-soo is renowned as a composer who has created hit songs for various artists. The songs 'Lalala,' 'Partner For Life,' 'Gwang,' 'Crazy Love Song,' 'Honey,' 'Love and War,' 'Lies,' 'Women's Generation,' and 'Wonder Woman' caused great impact in the music industry during the 2000s. Composer Cho Young-soo and CEO Kim Gwang-soo, who created the song, plan to once again continue the legacy of the mid-tempo songs that became a hot topic through MBC's 'What Do You Do When You Play?'


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